AI Sounds Alarm on Saudi Arabia, Primaries All Quiet

Yes, while terrorism and radical Islam, mixed with a healthy dose of bigotry, have frequently been brought up during the U.S. primaries, we haven’t heard much about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record? Hmm. Wonder why that could be?

If you’ve been watching the various debates and town halls, you know that terrorism and security has been a key issue. Understandably so. But yet, while Donnie ‘T-Bone’ Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigration, we’ve heard little about Saudi Arabia’s actions. Sure, we’ve heard plenty about how Saudi Arabia should be helping battle ISIS.

What’s the problem? Well, even people with a grade eight knowledge of the world know that Saudi Arabia isn’t a democratic nation. Monarchies tend to frown on voting. Folks who are somewhat interested in other cultures, religions and most notably women’s rights, likely know that the latter doesn’t exist there in a 21st Century context. It’s also a nation that is governed by sharia law. Funny how we hear so much about ‘dem laws’ when it’s regarding the possibility of them being enacted in the West.

In addition, Saudi Arabia has been engaged in a military campaign in Yemen, which according to Amnesty International has killed nearly 3000 civilians, including at least 700 children. As a result, AI Canada is calling on its supporters to petition the Canadian Government, in an effort to stop a $15 billion sale of Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs) to Saudi Arabia. The US, it should be noted, has provided the nation billions of dollars over the years.

So, yes, we’re all well accustomed to strategic allies of the US, particularly ones who make a shit ton of oil, receiving a free pass on human rights. But, it would be nice to see this issue get raised just a wee bit more in the primaries no? You know, since innocent people are dying and what not?


Robert McChesney on Why Folks Are “Much More Attracted” to Bernie Than Hillary…

Depending on what you got up to this Easter Weekend, and whether it involved family obligations (with the corresponding lip biting, ranting and or therapeutic substance use), you know folks have been feeling the ‘Bern’. Big time.

Yes, Mr. Sanders rolled to victories in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska on Saturday, and reduced Hillary Clinton’s lead by a nice chunk in doing so. In fact, a couple of us Pinko Rag folk were in attendance at Safeco Field in Seattle on Friday, as Bernie addressed thousands of supporters. It was a brilliant / beautiful event, and one we will never forget experiencing.

Corporate pundits and status-quo boosters continue to argue that Bernie has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, but real progressives know that this race isn’t over. Sanders’ campaign has never had more momentum behind it, and hopefully, the Democratic brass will see he’s the best hope of defeating Donnie ‘All Class’ Trump.

Well, recently Professor Robert McChesney appeared on “The Real News“, and during the segment, he outlined why more-and-more folks will get wise to why Bernie should be president.

What Hillary Clinton is closer to is money and power, like the Republicans. But when people abandon the Republicans, Donald Trump or any Republican, they aren’t looking for a pro-money candidate who’s pro-Wall Street. They’re looking for oftentimes a candidate who’s got honesty and integrity. And the sort of issues that Bernie Sanders has signaled as the issues that are important to him, single-payer health insurance, free college tuition, making wealthy people pay their taxes, these are issues that appeal across the political spectrum. These are issues that people who call themselves conservatives, and certainly independents, they respond to. They are much more attracted to Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton.

Yes indeedy. If you’re looking for honesty, integrity, and someone who really wants a world that’s not ridiculously unjust, look no further than Bernie.

TYT Interviewed Bernie Sanders…And it Was Glorious

If you’re a big Bernie Sanders booster then you may have happened to sign a petition recently, calling for him to appear on The Young Turks. Well, yes indeedy, the presidential candidate has done just that.

If you didn’t catch the interview, then you should do something about that right now…

Sanders talked to Cenk Uygur about several issues, but in particular, he really hit it home while talking about the corporate media. How so? In terms of why these loveable folks aren’t interested in covering issues and campaigns, which are about changing an unjust, status-quo.

Honestly, the interview is must see viewing. Check it out below. You will, feel the Bern.

Rocky Anderson Nails it Outlining Why Bernie Sanders is “Far More Electable”

Another round of caucuses has come and gone, and not only did Bernie Sanders pick up two more states, he’s largely the reason why a ton of folks headed out to the polls. Does this mean that the corporate media is backing off the ‘Hilary is inevitable’ narrative? Of course not. Does this mean that establishment, ‘who needs change’ pundits are pausing, and relaying that perhaps Democrat super delegates should take a long hard look at the electability of Hilary? I think you know the answer to that….

Well, one man who is raising his hand, and noting that the Clinton train to the White House isn’t exactly barrier free, is the former mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson. Recently he appeared on “Democracy Now“, and here is just some of what he had to say about Sanders and what went down on Tuesday.

Yes, Bernie Sanders won about 79 percent of the vote. And the reason we see these enormous wins—it was about the same in Idaho—is because the Democratic parties in Utah and Idaho allowed the independents to also vote in the caucuses, whereas in Arizona it was closed. It was far less democratic and far less reflective of what’s going to happen in the general election, because the independents overwhelmingly will support Bernie Sanders if he is the candidate. And that’s just simply not true if Hillary Clinton is the candidate. Amazingly enough, Amy, in Utah—and it’s the most Republican state in the country; George Bush won by the widest margin in the country in both of his elections in Utah—the polls now show that if Bernie Sanders is the Democratic candidate, he will beat Trump by 48 to 37 percent, 11 percent margin, whereas Hillary Clinton is barely shown as prevailing over Trump. He is far more electable, Bernie Sanders, against Trump than Hillary Clinton. And I think that what we are seeing now is the independents, who don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Her honesty and trustworthiness numbers are in the toilet among independents, and her favorability ratings, the same. We’ve got to get the message out that Bernie Sanders is the candidate who can beat Trump, if he is the Republican nominee.

Yup. Mr. Anderson makes a lot of compelling points. Hopefully more folks, even those who aren’t so sure about all this silly change stuff…realize that Sanders is the best way to stop Idiocracy from becoming a reality.

Assault Victim Blames Trump Political Movement For Sucker Punch…Yup

So, as you’ve likely heard, another violent assault has gone down at a Trump rally, well, another one that was caught on video at least…

Yes, this weekend in Tucson, Arizona, a protestor named Bryan Sanders (wait for Donald ‘All Eyelids’ to play with that one…) was sucker punched and then stomped by a man, as he was getting kicked out of a Trump rally. It was a vicious, stomach turning act, which some of the folks in this lot thought should be cheered…Proving that the guy who did it wasn’t the only coward in attendance.

Sanders is apparently going to be okay, thankfully, and while speaking to the media, he had this to say about the man who assaulted him (quote via NY Daily News):

“I have nothing against the guy that attacked me,” said Sanders. “I don’t know him. He’s just an angry person and his anger is being accentuated by the political movement.”

Yup. Now sure, chances are some of the protestors that have headed out to Trump rallies are donkeys, and it would be foolish to suggest that no meatheads support Bernie Sanders. But, when you have a message that is about social justice and equality, compared to one that’s xenophobic and divisive, you’re not prompting folks to commit assault.

Since one of the protestors who was nearby Sanders was wearing a KKK mask, Trump is trying to spin this, whereby, you know, the victim is also to blame…Right, because you’re totally, absolutely, against violence huh Donnie?

Robert Reich Outlines Why America is Still Feeling ‘The Bern’

Following the latest ‘Super Tuesday’, many observers and corporate shills are claiming Bernie Sanders no longer has a chance of winning the Democratic nomination…

Well, although even the biggest Sanders supporters weren’t doing cartwheels on Wednesday (or maybe some were…who knows), concluding ‘that’s a wrap’, is a wee bit ridiculous. Unless, of course, you’ve been known to say ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’, right before you trotted out some other contrived, conservative line.

One of the many, enlightened folks who understands “The Bern” campaign still is alive and extremely influential is Robert Reich. A guy who has never been described as the dullest tool in the shed.

Recently Reich posted the following comments on his Facebook page:

Bernie Sanders won Missouri and came very close to winning Illinois in yesterday’s Democratic primaries, but lost Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida. Ohio is a big loss. Some attribute it to independents who decided to back Ohio Governor John Kasich in the Republican primary (and deliver a message to the Drumpf) rather than cast their votes for Bernie. (Independents had put Bernie over the top in Michigan last week.)

So where does this leave the Democrats? You’ll hear that Hillary Clinton is now unstoppable, especially given all the superdelegates she’s lined up. But:

1. That view underestimates Bernie’s support in important states that haven’t yet held primaries, like Wisconsin and California.

2. It also fails to acknowledge the groundswell of support he’s had so far in key states like Michigan and Missouri, and how close he’s come in others like Iowa and Massachusetts.

3. And that he has managed to do this on the basis of small donations averaging $27 each — meaning that he hasn’t had to compromise his principles.

4. Regardless of where the Democratic race goes from here, Bernie won’t drop out. He’ll take his delegates and his political revolution all the way to the convention.

5. He has already defined the core issue of the 2016 campaign – the necessity of reclaiming the economy and our democracy from the moneyed interests.

6. He has pushed, and will continue to push, Hillary Clinton toward positions consistent with that core concern – on issues ranging from free trade (including the Trans Pacific Partnership), to the minimum wage, banking regulation, the XL Pipeline, and getting big money out of politics.

7. Finally, the movement Bernie has spawned will continue beyond the convention – and even beyond the election. It cannot and will not be stopped.

What do you think?

I think that sounds about right! Right?

Donald Trump Super PAC? No, Just Nearly $2 Billion in Free Media

Donald ‘What Details’ Trump has repeatedly said he’s funding his own campaign, and while he doesn’t have a Super PAC, it turns out he’s received a shit ton of free media…Gee, how on earth could that be?

Yes, recently the New York Times reported that mediaQuant found Mr. Don Demagogue has received nearly $2 billion dollars in earned (free) media coverage. Yup. That’s right. $2 billion bucks…Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Over the course of the campaign, he has earned close to $2 billion worth of media attention, about twice the all-in price of the most expensive presidential campaigns in history. It is also twice the estimated $746 million that Hillary Clinton, the next best at earning media, took in. Senator Bernie Sanders has earned more media than any of the Republicans except Mr. Trump.

Now, it’s interesting to see that Bernie Sanders has earned more free coverage than any other Republican candidate, considering the corporate media passed on showing his speech Tuesday. But, it’s important to note that Sanders has received less than half the free media that Clinton has.

Trump has certainly taken some stances that corporate interests aren’t too thrilled about–namely his undeveloped comments regarding trade deals–but no one should be choking back their surprise here. The corporate media has been cashing in on Trump’s campaign, big time, and as a result, he wasn’t taken to task for his demagoguery until recently. After all, when a celebrity makes comments that you were more likely to hear on the Jerry Springer Show, rather than the 2016 Primaries, the masses tune in.

Further, when you’re a candidate who is by no means going to challenge the oligarchical status-quo, guess what, big money is going to lend their support. $2 Billion. What a joke.