We’re Back! Let The Hand Wringing Begin…


It’s been over three years since The Pinko Rag’s last post…To be precise, it was Labour Day, 2012. Barack Obama was about to win his second term as the United States’ President. Mitt Romney was failing, and very badly, to convince Americans that Obama and the Democrats had not cleaned the bed his party had soiled.

Sensible Canadians, however, were still recovering from the nightmarish decision of their fellow citizens, to hand Stephen ‘All Smiles’ Harper a majority government. It was a time when Alberta was still living high on the hog thanks to fat oil checks, and was still ruled by Conservative ineptitude.

How the times have changed huh?

So why is The Pinko Rag up-and-running again? And ready to verbally throw down with ignorant rednecks, greedy conservatives and neo-fascists once again? Take a look around…

Over the last few years, some fantastic things have happened. No question. The Harper Crew in Canada was punted from office. Jeremy Corbyn took the reigns of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. Alberta’s Conservative dynasty came to end thanks to Rachel Notley and the NDP. And then there’s been the rise of Bernie Sanders…We are definitely feeling the Bern!

But, we’re also witnessing the ascension of Donald ‘I Know Words’ Trump, and a xenophobic narrative that is jaw droppingly frightening. We have seen little meaningful action taken to battle climate change. We still live in a world that that continues to be skull effed by neoliberal economics and a unjust status quo.

So, it is time to resume the keyboard war. It is time, arguably more than ever, to blast out pinko ideals throughout the internet once more. History has witnessed many powerful forces, but there has been no other more important, more righteous to date, than progressivism. It is time to protect progressive gains, promote progressive values, and entrench a progressive world for future generations.


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