Sarah Palin Refers to Trump Protesters as “Punk-Ass, Little Thuggery”, Progressives Rejoice

If you busted out an ear-to-ear, Grinchish smile when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald ’30 Watt’ Trump, well sir and or madam, your day to gloat has come.

Yes, we all knew that bringing Palin on board was a very, very, dumb idea by Trump and his crew. But then again, when you consider the stomped Budweiser can on the floor may be one of the smartest things at any Trump rally, dumb works right? Or no?

Yes, as often is the case with any recent, Republican primary, whoever is first to the dumbest line, wins the day. But, thankfully, this hasn’t always meant that dumb rules out in a general election. Obama – Biden > McCain – Palin 2008.

So, in other words, while Palin may be helping Trump lock up votes with xenophobic rednecks and dim witted hockey moms, having her around is going to drive any sensible person into the Democrat’s arms.

Case in point, here is what Mrs.Palin had to say about the protesters who have headed out to Trump rallies in recent days (quote via CNN):

“We don’t have time for all that petty, punk-ass little thuggery stuff that’s been going on with these ‘protesters,’ who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your First Amendment rights,” Palin said. “And the media being on the thugs’ side — what the heck are you guys thinking, media?”

Now if you were picturing Tina Fey saying that the entire time as Palin, you’re not the only one. You’re also not the only one to then stop, shake your head, and then realize this isn’t a bit from SNL. Yup, Alaska’s great gift towards human progress actually said that. The media is “on the thugs’ side”. Wow. And if hearing “what the heck” in any capacity doesn’t prompt you to shudder, then you’re no friend of mine.

Yes, Sarah, shame on the media for reporting on trite little things like assaulting protesters, who are there in the first place, to stand up for silly ideals like equality and peace. But hey, the more Sarah tosses out these ‘zingers’, the more people will come to see what’s really unfolding in the GOP.


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