Assault Victim Blames Trump Political Movement For Sucker Punch…Yup

So, as you’ve likely heard, another violent assault has gone down at a Trump rally, well, another one that was caught on video at least…

Yes, this weekend in Tucson, Arizona, a protestor named Bryan Sanders (wait for Donald ‘All Eyelids’ to play with that one…) was sucker punched and then stomped by a man, as he was getting kicked out of a Trump rally. It was a vicious, stomach turning act, which some of the folks in this lot thought should be cheered…Proving that the guy who did it wasn’t the only coward in attendance.

Sanders is apparently going to be okay, thankfully, and while speaking to the media, he had this to say about the man who assaulted him (quote via NY Daily News):

“I have nothing against the guy that attacked me,” said Sanders. “I don’t know him. He’s just an angry person and his anger is being accentuated by the political movement.”

Yup. Now sure, chances are some of the protestors that have headed out to Trump rallies are donkeys, and it would be foolish to suggest that no meatheads support Bernie Sanders. But, when you have a message that is about social justice and equality, compared to one that’s xenophobic and divisive, you’re not prompting folks to commit assault.

Since one of the protestors who was nearby Sanders was wearing a KKK mask, Trump is trying to spin this, whereby, you know, the victim is also to blame…Right, because you’re totally, absolutely, against violence huh Donnie?


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