Rocky Anderson Nails it Outlining Why Bernie Sanders is “Far More Electable”

Another round of caucuses has come and gone, and not only did Bernie Sanders pick up two more states, he’s largely the reason why a ton of folks headed out to the polls. Does this mean that the corporate media is backing off the ‘Hilary is inevitable’ narrative? Of course not. Does this mean that establishment, ‘who needs change’ pundits are pausing, and relaying that perhaps Democrat super delegates should take a long hard look at the electability of Hilary? I think you know the answer to that….

Well, one man who is raising his hand, and noting that the Clinton train to the White House isn’t exactly barrier free, is the former mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson. Recently he appeared on “Democracy Now“, and here is just some of what he had to say about Sanders and what went down on Tuesday.

Yes, Bernie Sanders won about 79 percent of the vote. And the reason we see these enormous wins—it was about the same in Idaho—is because the Democratic parties in Utah and Idaho allowed the independents to also vote in the caucuses, whereas in Arizona it was closed. It was far less democratic and far less reflective of what’s going to happen in the general election, because the independents overwhelmingly will support Bernie Sanders if he is the candidate. And that’s just simply not true if Hillary Clinton is the candidate. Amazingly enough, Amy, in Utah—and it’s the most Republican state in the country; George Bush won by the widest margin in the country in both of his elections in Utah—the polls now show that if Bernie Sanders is the Democratic candidate, he will beat Trump by 48 to 37 percent, 11 percent margin, whereas Hillary Clinton is barely shown as prevailing over Trump. He is far more electable, Bernie Sanders, against Trump than Hillary Clinton. And I think that what we are seeing now is the independents, who don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Her honesty and trustworthiness numbers are in the toilet among independents, and her favorability ratings, the same. We’ve got to get the message out that Bernie Sanders is the candidate who can beat Trump, if he is the Republican nominee.

Yup. Mr. Anderson makes a lot of compelling points. Hopefully more folks, even those who aren’t so sure about all this silly change stuff…realize that Sanders is the best way to stop Idiocracy from becoming a reality.


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