Robert McChesney on Why Folks Are “Much More Attracted” to Bernie Than Hillary…

Depending on what you got up to this Easter Weekend, and whether it involved family obligations (with the corresponding lip biting, ranting and or therapeutic substance use), you know folks have been feeling the ‘Bern’. Big time.

Yes, Mr. Sanders rolled to victories in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska on Saturday, and reduced Hillary Clinton’s lead by a nice chunk in doing so. In fact, a couple of us Pinko Rag folk were in attendance at Safeco Field in Seattle on Friday, as Bernie addressed thousands of supporters. It was a brilliant / beautiful event, and one we will never forget experiencing.

Corporate pundits and status-quo boosters continue to argue that Bernie has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, but real progressives know that this race isn’t over. Sanders’ campaign has never had more momentum behind it, and hopefully, the Democratic brass will see he’s the best hope of defeating Donnie ‘All Class’ Trump.

Well, recently Professor Robert McChesney appeared on “The Real News“, and during the segment, he outlined why more-and-more folks will get wise to why Bernie should be president.

What Hillary Clinton is closer to is money and power, like the Republicans. But when people abandon the Republicans, Donald Trump or any Republican, they aren’t looking for a pro-money candidate who’s pro-Wall Street. They’re looking for oftentimes a candidate who’s got honesty and integrity. And the sort of issues that Bernie Sanders has signaled as the issues that are important to him, single-payer health insurance, free college tuition, making wealthy people pay their taxes, these are issues that appeal across the political spectrum. These are issues that people who call themselves conservatives, and certainly independents, they respond to. They are much more attracted to Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton.

Yes indeedy. If you’re looking for honesty, integrity, and someone who really wants a world that’s not ridiculously unjust, look no further than Bernie.


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