AI Sounds Alarm on Saudi Arabia, Primaries All Quiet

Yes, while terrorism and radical Islam, mixed with a healthy dose of bigotry, have frequently been brought up during the U.S. primaries, we haven’t heard much about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record? Hmm. Wonder why that could be?

If you’ve been watching the various debates and town halls, you know that terrorism and security has been a key issue. Understandably so. But yet, while Donnie ‘T-Bone’ Trump has called for a ban on Muslim immigration, we’ve heard little about Saudi Arabia’s actions. Sure, we’ve heard plenty about how Saudi Arabia should be helping battle ISIS.

What’s the problem? Well, even people with a grade eight knowledge of the world know that Saudi Arabia isn’t a democratic nation. Monarchies tend to frown on voting. Folks who are somewhat interested in other cultures, religions and most notably women’s rights, likely know that the latter doesn’t exist there in a 21st Century context. It’s also a nation that is governed by sharia law. Funny how we hear so much about ‘dem laws’ when it’s regarding the possibility of them being enacted in the West.

In addition, Saudi Arabia has been engaged in a military campaign in Yemen, which according to Amnesty International has killed nearly 3000 civilians, including at least 700 children. As a result, AI Canada is calling on its supporters to petition the Canadian Government, in an effort to stop a $15 billion sale of Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs) to Saudi Arabia. The US, it should be noted, has provided the nation billions of dollars over the years.

So, yes, we’re all well accustomed to strategic allies of the US, particularly ones who make a shit ton of oil, receiving a free pass on human rights. But, it would be nice to see this issue get raised just a wee bit more in the primaries no? You know, since innocent people are dying and what not?


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