U.S. Primaries Show Why NDP is so Effin Vital to Canada’s Left

If you take a quick glance at The Pinko Rag archives, it’s glaringly obvious that we’ve been fixated on the U.S. Primaries, and that we are hee-uge supporters of Mr. Bernie Sanders. As true progressives, unlike affluent, ‘what about me’ liberals, we understand that creating a just and sustainable world will mean making some sacrifices. Yes, even though the neoliberal status-quo has already been kicking the masses for decades.

Thus, this is why we’re feeling the “Bern”, as Sanders and his campaign represents a real challenge to this unjust order. It’s been a beautiful and truly progressive challenge, which few observers, if any, were predicting would come in a presidential campaign.

While we still believe Sanders has a chance of locking up the nomination, and continue to rifle “oh fuck off”s at corporate coverage, Bernie has a rough road ahead. If he doesn’t lock up the nomination, we will be comforted by the fact, he’s demonstrated millions of Americans want to punt establishment economics.

If Sanders doesn’t secure the Democratic nomination, however, you have to wonder how things might have been different, if you know, he was with a party that truly wants to challenge the status-quo. Sure, clearly many Democrats are on board with Sanders’ vision, but it certainly doesn’t seem like the party brass is. After all, this is a party who in recent years, has cuddled and snuggled with corporate interests and Wall Street. Hillary?  Your ears burning?

In Canada, however, we have the New Democratic Party, who until its ill fated, 2015 campaign, has largely held true to its founding, progressive ideals. A view that socioeconomic policy shouldn’t be shaped by special interests and the ruling elite. It’s been the NDP who have forced Canada’s version of the Democratic Party, the Liberals, to enact progressive policies.

Now sure, many left leaning Canadians have agonized over the years, whether casting a vote for the NDP has aided the insufferable Conservatives (by taking votes away from the Liberals). But, as we’re seeing in the U.S. primaries, when your options are limited to two parties, challenging the unjust status-quo is that much harder. Think what the upcoming presidential election might look like, if Bernie was running as the leader of a third, truly progressive party? One that’s not collecting truckloads of cash from special interests?

So, for Canadians who support the NDP, who understand what the party has meant to the nation (been to a doctor lately?), take what’s unfolding in the south as inspiration. Use it to rally behind the party,  and to call for a Tommy Douglas – Jack Layton-esque leader, who truly represents social democratic ideals. Sorry Prime Minister Trudeau, you’re dashing, quick witted and stand for many great things. But this centrist, don’t rock the neoliberal boat stuff, ain’t gonna cut it.


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