Bernie Sanders Taking Indiana is More Bad News For Status-Quo

Yes, another primary has concluded, and it has done so in glorious fashion. As you surely know, Mr. Bernie Sanders won Indiana’s primary on Tuesday, providing further evidence of the fact that his run to become the Democratic nominee isn’t actually over (as the corporate ‘wait, what’s Trump doing now’ media’s claimed).

Now sure, Sanders is still a long shot, but if he can close out the primary season with some more key wins, the Democrat brass will need to take a real, long look at its endorsement of Hillary ‘Flip-Flop or Bust’ Clinton. Particularly since Donald Trump is going to be running for President. As Sanders noted in his speech on Tuesday (quotes via Democracy Now):

I understand that Secretary Clinton thinks that this campaign is over. I’ve got some bad news for her. Tonight, we won a great victory in Indiana. Next week, we’re going to be in West Virginia. We think we have a real shot to win in that great state. Then we’re going to Kentucky, and we’re going to Oregon; we think we have a pretty good chance to win there, as well. Then we’re going to another bunch of other states, culminating in the largest state in the United States, with the most delegates, and that is the state of California. And we think we have a pretty good chance to win there. And I think that as more and more delegates to the Democratic convention take a hard look at which candidate is generating the kind of enthusiasm, excitement, voter turnout that we need to make sure that somebody like a Donald Trump does not become president, I think we’re going to see more and more delegates concluding that that candidate is Bernie Sanders.

Gold. Pure gold. But, as many have been saying now for weeks, even if Bernie doesn’t take the nomination, his historic campaign is driving home the fact that the Democracts need to get with the times. By times, I mean an age where millions of folks are waking up to the fact that the neoliberal paradigm has miserably failed to deliver them a status-quo, which is a equitable, prosperous or sustainable. An agenda that cut the public’s ability to have an influence, or even a say, in determining and enacting socioeconomic policy. You know, that silly thing that’s been referred to as democracy?

But, when you allow endless streams of money into politics, and corporate interests to run amok, real freedom is quickly divorced from ‘democracy’. So, pay attention status-quo, Bernie’s movement shows the bell tolls for thee.


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