Bernie Sanders Climbs in California, Let The Sweating Begin at Dem HQ

So, it’s been a few days now since the mainstream / corporate media declared that Hillary Clinton has locked up the Democrat nomination and cruised to a win in California, but hey, was that accurate? Nope.

Now sure, even the biggest Bernie Sanders supporter understands that the likelihood of him winning this thing are very, very slim. But, the important story here is that series of WTF incidents with the voting process continues, and that it’s becoming more and more obvious how desperately pro-status quo interests are trying to gloss over this…Wonder why that might be huh?

In Bernie, you have a candidate who wants to bring serious reform to establishment politics and economics. In Hillary, well, you have the establishment’s number one ally, in terms of current Presidential candidates… Yup, and by no way is that an endorsement of “The Tan”.

Case in point, the Inquisitir recently reported this:

Even though The New York Times declared that Hillary Clinton “secured enough delegates for the Democratic nomination,” and later issued a correction blaming the erroneous statement due to “an editing error,” Hillary Clinton did not actually earn enough delegates to be declared the nominee of the Democratic Party. In fact, contrary to the call by the Associated Press, Clinton also has not actually won California either. There are still millions of ballots that remain uncounted that will indeed be counted as the official canvass progresses, according to the California Secretary of State’s office. As the canvassing got underway, things started to to look up for Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

In Los Angeles County 275,972 Vote-By-Mail, 256,326 Provisional and 24,021 ballots of another form still had to be counted as of Friday afternoon. This totals over 556 thousand ballots in Los Angeles County alone that will be counted, where Clinton’s lead over Sanders is just over 164 thousand votes. Los Angeles County could still go either way.

The votes simply aren’t all accounted for just yet, but they will be.

Please head here to read the rest of the article, as it’s definitely worth a read. After doing so, let the ‘what a fucking joke”-s roll….



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